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Welcome to Creative Compounding Pharmacy, Inc.

In a mass produced bottle of pills, each pill has the same size, the same flavor and the same components.  Do all the people taking those pills have the same characteristics too?

Creative Compounding Pharmacy, Inc. knows that every patient is unique. Each customer has his or her specific needs.  This means that the medication available from manufacturers won’t always be the perfect fit for ALL consumers.  This calls for ultimate customization – compounding provides those needed alternatives when treating the specific needs of a patient.

Just What You Need
When a physician prescribes your medication, a compounding pharmacy such as Creative Compounding Pharmacy, Inc. can produce a customized form of medication for you. Compounding is just what you need when a certain medication is no longer manufactured or when you can’t tolerate the taste/flavor of your prescribed medication.  Compounding can also be useful when the size of the pill/tablet is too big for you to swallow.  It also makes combining medications possible. All compounded medications require a prescription from your physician.

imageWhy Choose Us
Creative Compounding Pharmacy, Inc. is confident that your medication needs can and will be met – no matter how unique they may be.  We use the highest quality ingredients in our formulas and look forward to serving the unique needs of each of our clients. Make sure you get a quality product from a pharmacy and pharmacists that you trust and feel comfortable with. Creative Compounding Pharmacy, Inc. also fills traditional medications as well. Don’t wait in a long line – come to us for personalized and professional service!