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Essential Oils

Creative Compounding Pharmacy, Inc. carries a line of high quality essential oils.

Essential oils can be used in various ways including but not limited to:

  • use in the bath
  • as a compress
  • in a diffuser or vaporizer
  • for massage
  • skin care
  • as a room freshener

Because there are some people who are sensitive to even the mildest of essential oils when applied to the skin (even when diluted), we recommend customers conduct a test prior to actual use.  Testing can be done by applying a small amount of diluted essential oil on a small area of the skin.  In most cases, children and the elderly are the most sensitive to essential oils so testing is extremely important for such cases.

You can ask for assistance in testing when you drop by our pharmacy.  Call Creative Compounding Pharmacy, Inc. for more information about Essential Oils and their uses.  You can reach us at (714) 627-5600.